It’s not your imagination: Organic Milk Tastes Sweeter, Keeps Longer

Some of you may know that my DH works for a natural grocers chain — oh yeah, and that I give him a certain amount of grief about it, too (See: Baby Mama and its hilariously fictitious “Round Earth” natural foods chain).

But y’know, some of the coolest developments in technology are coming from people determined to change what we’ve done for the last century or so, just because it’s not working out so well for our or the planet’s wellbeing.  And today I came across a cool little article in Scientific American — that organic milk keeps fresher longer than non-organic milk because it uses a different sterilization technology, called UTH, instead of pasteurization.  Why?  Because there’s fewer organic farms, and thus the trucks have to travel longer to take the milk farther.  Also — the process used for organic milk doesn’t translate well to cheese.

Who knew?


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