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Dear Merredith: Fake Personalization FAILS

Have I mentioned I love ReadWriteWeb? Okay, I do. If I ever write a disclosure page, that’s gonna be on it, because those bloggers get Web 2.0 beyond just the news of widgets; it’s like they look under the carpet, and pull some thoughtful and interesting little insights out where others had simply swept them aside.

But I digress.

RWW today has yet another of those “confirmed” studies. This one: that fake personalization — as practiced by spammers, mass marketers and nummynuts — backfires.

Again: should this be news? I don’t like people pretending to be my best friend in real life — let alone in some fake way online. So in theory, this is one of those studies that spends money to confirm what should be common sense. But still, IF this study reaches even 1/20th of the people who would normally ignore it, then they would have done some good in the world.


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